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    Metal-free prothesis
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    Milled partial prosthetics
    Available as per now!
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    Metal-free framework
    Available now!
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    We are proud of it!
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    Available as per now: bite splints in transparent PMMA
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    Now available: 3D printed prothetic models
    for cemented and screw retained solutions

About allshape AG

allshape AG has one ultimate client - the patient. We are your Dental Technology Partner and an essential member of the team that will restore the patient to fully functioning, long lasting and natural looking dentition. What we offer to the other members of the team is confidence. We ensure the doctor that we understand the limitations and stresses placed on implant borne dentition. We ensure the lab that the technical specifications of their designs are maximally achieved with the most appropriate material and with the precision that the whole world has come to expect from Swiss engineering.

"We are pleased to introduce you our company on the following pages. If you have any questions please contact us at any time."
Bruno-Reto Aschwanden - CEO