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No Binding Offer 

In principle, no element of this website or in any marketing emails coming from allshape AG is a binding offer to a visitor of the website or to the reader of the marketing emails. If allshape AG wants to make an invitation to tender or, in exceptional circumstances, a binding offer through the website or marketing emails, then allshape AG will state this clearly and unmistakably. If any doubt arises with regards to this then the visitor must assume that allshape AG does not want to make a binding offer.


allshape AG declines any liability for information which can be called up via the website or in marketing emails from allshape AG. The only exception to this is information which is labelled with an appropriate endorsement with regards the copyright of allshape AG or obviously comes from allshape AG. allshape AG exercises no control over information which, in particular, is saved on external servers, on servers with public access, etc. The information contained on this website by allshape AG can change at any time. allshape AG cannot guarantee that this information is complete or that it is up-to-date. The use of this information takes place at the risk of the visitors. 


It is to be assumed that the information that can be called up through the website or in marketing emails from allshape AG is protected by copyright and that its commercial use is only permitted with the authorisation of the author for a charge.
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