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Milled partial prosthetics

We are proud to be the first certified Swiss milling center of Solvay Dental 360™. We now design and mill metal-free partial prosthetics in Ultaire™ AKP.

Ultaire™ AKP is the high-performance polymer for dental applications of Solvay, the world leading manufacturer of high-perfomance polymers.

The new material offers the following advantages:
- Frameworks in Ultaire™ AKP are extremely lightweight, without aftertaste, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-irritating and
  eliminate the risk of hypersensivity reaction to metal
- Patients appreciate the tooth-colored aesthetics and the low thermal conductivity
- Due to the special E-module of Ultaire™ AKP (similar to the bone) the patient has no feeling of tension
- The lab appreciates the efficient workflow and the high precision fit of an Ultaire™ AKP restoration

For more detailed information: see CUSTOMER CARE/ Download area/PRODUCTS/Brochure Ultaire™ AKP (in German)