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Individual abutments

Individual abutments can either be designed virtually or produced according to a model. Thanks to our continuousely updated implant library, we are able to produce customized abutments on all most known implant levels. In Switzerland, we are the only provider of individual titanium abutments on Camlog fixutres, delivered with original parts. 

Individual abutments in titanium grade 5 and chrome cobalt are manufactured in one piece with an implant fit within 0.01mm. Our specially designed scanflags enable us to determine the exact implant position and rotation.

Where the customized abutment is being designed virtually, the dental lab has the possibility to check the work with a viewer, before it goes into production. 

If you already have a scanner and a design software, which exports *.STL-files, we produce your customized abutment according to your data and design. 

We produce individual abutments in the following materials:

  • Titanium Grade 5
  • Chrome Cobalt
  • Zirconia (with titanium base)
  • Synthetics (with titanium base)

To guarantee the stability of abutments in zirconia or synthetics, we produce them in two parts (with titanium bases). The interfaces for the most common titanium bases can be found in our library. For Bonelevel implants we have our own titanium bases "all-connect" with an improved emerging profile.

Thanks to streamlined workflows, we are able to deliver your order after only 24 hours. (Zirconia after 48 hours because of the sintering.)