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Bars on implants

We create bars on implant fixtures of almost any design from any manufacturer using homogenous material. The bars can be in any profile like Dolder® U-shape, Dolder® egg-shape, round or according to a special design. In order to mount locators and attachments, we have the capacity to mill high precision threads. Upon request, we can also supply you with the original bar Locators® of Zest Anchors or CM-LOC® of Cendres + Métaux. Because of our highly precise methods of working, the bars fit virtually stressfree on the implants within the tolerance of 0.01mm. We are happy to assist you in finding the right 3D-construction for your cases, where the implants are placed in extraordinary positions. After the virtual design of the bar, the dental lab receives a 3D-image of the predesign. This enables the dental technician to make adjustmenst to the design, which will modify the production process. As soon as the dental lab agrees with the design, the image file is signed and sent back to us with the OK for production. We produce bars in the following materials:

  • Titanium Grade 5
  • Chrome Cobalt
  • Zirconia (limited indications)

Thanks to our industrial milling centers, like Agie Charmille and DMG Mori Seiki, the orders are manufactured with the highest precision. If you wish to receive a bar in a different material, we kindly ask you to contact us in order to make the necessary arrangements. Our operations protocols are streamlined for precise yet rapid production. Most of the time we can deliver your order within 24 hours after it is placed.