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Guiding principles

Quality responsibility
Quality in our workplace originates with each of the skilled professionals who come to work each day at allshape AG, each of whom share our strong ethic of personal responsibility. 
We understand quality must be comprehensive in all that we do, from the first point of contact to the delivery of our products to the customer. Of course this includes an on-going dialogue with our customers about our techniques, processes and costs. 

Our approach with our customers is "win-win". We see our relationship as mutual, which means an open, correct and fair cooperation between partners to achieve success for both sides. Our customers are our partners. 

Quality to us means quality from end to end. We select our suppliers carefully to ensure that our clients will benefit from the highest quality raw materials, machinery, tools and equipment that we use in our manufacturing.

Prevention and Correction
With the many layers of preventive measures we employ, errors are rare. However in the event that something goes wrong we are quick to undertake a deep systematic analysis to identify and correct the problem. We are always looking to improve our systems and processes. In the unlikely event of an error on either side, our priority is to solve the immediate needs of the client and to correct the problem.

Meeting deadlines is what we do every day. We are committed to providing our clients with the critical products they need. On-budget. And on-time. 

Environmental Awareness
We are conscious of the world in which we live and are careful to respect our environment. We are careful with the materials we use and with any resulting waste product. Whenever possible, we recycle.