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About us

allshape Ltd, your Dental Technology Partner, is for you as dental laboratory, the gate to highly precise CAD/CAM dental bridges on implants and natural teeth - with no need of costly investments in hardware and software. State-of-the-art infrastructure, streamlined production and a team of highly motivated specialists enable allshape Ltd. to produce quickly, in Swiss Quality and at low costs. The right mix of dental technicians and mechanical engineers enables us to produce individual solutions according to the specifications of our customers. In scan-centers all over Europe orders from local dental labs are received and prepared for production in the Swiss plant. Before an order is milled from homogeneous solid material on modern simultaneous 5-axis milling centers, the dental lab receives a preview of the design of the structure. If necessary, adjustments on the predesign can be made by our customers. Because allshape Ltd. is working with all open CAD/CAM systems, there is no need for investments for the dental laboratory. allshape Ltd. produces dental bridges and bars as well as customized abutments on all common implant fixtures. The platform library is updated continuousely. If an uncommon or unknown implant level is required, we gather all the necessary information and data in a very short time in order to add the new implant level to our library.

allshape machines all materials used in prosthetics. These include titanium grade 5, chrome cobalt, zirconium dioxide, Pekkton®, PMMA and IPS e.max®. Due to our considerable know-how we are able to machine other materials as well.
Our streamlined processes allow us to ship your orders as fast as 24 hours after your production request is placed.